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Applications Include:

CNC Machining • Mold & Die Machining • Aircraft & Aerospace • Medical
Custom Design Automation • Factory Automation • Engraving • Ultra Sonic Contour Cutting


*Ball Screws: Ball screws are precision ground ball screws.
*Linear Bearings: All Linear bearings are precision ground recirculating ball bearings. *Machine Frame: Heavy duty steel structure with a proprietary internal casting to kill harmonic resonance and add structural integrity.


*Choice of Spindles: Speeds up to 60,000 rpm and power to 1500 watts. Spindle runout to .00008. Automatic Tool Changer is available for all models except 1286.
*Motion Controllers available for Ethernet or PCI bus in standard, medium or high performance. *4th Axis Rotary Table available for all models.

*Touch Probe and Touch Off Pad is available for all models.
*Dual Encoder for rotary and linear feedback on each axis for extreme accuracy requirements. *5 Axis ­ Trunion Style
Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Derived from postal weight verification research, the patented "Weigh on the Fly" technology enables ultra high speed mass detection in automation applications. The technology can be applied anywhere high speed weighing operation is required.

Closed loop servo technology ­ Precision servo systems are applied to the mass in motion challenge with superior results. Processing through­puts of greater that 1000 ppm are achievable. Ultra high speed ­ Processing to 1000 ppm and beyond using closed loop servo technology.

In­Line Scale ­ The weigh on the fly tech­ nology is depicted in the graphic to the left. In this application, a precision servo drives conveyor rollers to accelerate articles under test. The servo behavior is monitored and processed extracting precision mass measurement.

To see the technology in action go to www.btautomated.com.