CNC Machining Software and Engraving Software
Below is a partial list of CAD/CAM software that may be used with our machines.

- NEW! Virtual Sculptor VS3D / VScad3 Software by Designs Computed. CAD/CAM Software for Molds, Dies, Engravings, Relief Sculptures, & 3­Axis Machining

- Type3 Artistic CAD/CAM by Vision Numeric

- Visual Mill by MecSoft Corporation ­ A tool­path layout CAM program.

- Artcam by Delcam ­ 3D CAD/CAM artwork with CNC machine tool software.

- Cimagrafi by Graphitech

­ Artistic CAD/CAM software

- EnRouteArt by Scanvec ­ Transforms 2D artwork into 3D models or any other Engraving Software with standard G code interface.

- Mastercam ­ 3D CAD/CAM CNC Software

- Surfcam ­ 3D CAD/CAM CNC Software

- Bobcam ­ 2D/3D CAD/CAM CNC Software


CENTROID CNC CONTROLS ARE DESIGNED BY MACHINISTS FOR MACHINISTS. With CENTROID CNC Control you'll be able to get more work through the machine with less effort and less time. With our advanced CNC features you will be able to bring in higher paying jobs.

User friendly operators interface with advanced features like: conversational programming, digitizing, auto part set, auto tool set, 3D contouring, 4th and 5th axis machining, 2000 line lookahead accel/decel.

STANDARD FEATURES are: Windows 7 operating system, work coordinate systems, subroutines and macros, compression tapping, intercon conversational programming, USB 2.0 ports, and 4MB part program size.

Optional features are: unlimited part program size, digitizing, probing, automatic tool measurement, coordinate system rotation, scaling and mirroring, rigid tapping, and engraving software.

COLOR TOOL PATH GRAPHICS shows tool path of cutter comp moves. Make fewer programming errors with our excellent tool path graphics. Instantly see the tool path at any point while you are programming. Great for checking your work as you go. Run­time graphics show you the cutter position while the job is being machined. Graph and edit G code programs from any source right at the control.

GRAPH DIGITIZED PART PROGRAMS. All 2D views and 3D, zoom in/out, slow down or speed up, pause graph, graph the whole part or just a section, different color of lines for different types of moves.

VERY ACCURATE RUN­TIME ESTIMATION. True backplot graphics, WYSIWYG. What you see is what you get ­­ not just a guess like other graphics.

DEDICATED CNC CONTROL PANEL is straight forward.

-­ Remote control pendant can be used hand­held or mounted.

-­ Individual dedicated buttons for all common machine functions.

-­ One­button operation to Jog an axis.

-­ One­button tool check.

-­ Sealed from shop coolant and oils.

-­ Long­lasting, durable overlay.

-­ Tactile feedback (button depresses with distinct feel) Easy to read, well­labeled, intuitive layout.

-­ Stop and restart the job at any point.

-­ Stop, make any adjustments, and restart right where you left off.

-­ On­the­fly override control of feeds and speeds.

-­ Clearly labeled controls for each axis and direction.

-­ Dedicated buttons for spindle and coolant controls.

-­ Spindle speed override and Feedrate override.

-­ Feed Hold, Cycle Start, Rapid override,

-­ Incremental and Continuous Jog, Single Block.

-­ Extra auxiliary buttons are programmable for special applications. ­ Fully sealed, coolant­proof, long lasting in shop environment.

-­ Indicator lights show the selection made.

HIGH SPEED PROCESSING provides smooth machining, no gouging.

­- Fast, smooth continuous tool motion, no hesitation or dwell.

-­ High Speed Processing for 3D machining. High Block throughput. ­ Reduces bench time grinding and polishing.

-­ Take lighter cuts faster for better surface finish.

-­ Run programs with very short moves at high federates.


­ Program parts right at the control or offline* with your desktop PC, fill in the blank programming.

­ Centroid's Intercon generates the G codes for you.

­ Help screens for all the common milling/turning cycles, just fill in the dimensions. ­ Even lines and arcs are canned cycles.

­ A graph of the part shows your work as you go. Graph at any point.

­ Automatic pocket cleanout, Intercon auto creates the roughing and finish passes automatically.

­ Fill in the blank: threadmilling, drilling, (3 types of cycles), tapping (rigid, rigid peck tapping, floating), pocketing, facing, autoconnect radius, lines, arcs, math help, teach in and much more!

­ Convert geometry from DXF files to Centroid's Intercon* operations.

­ Supports contouring, pocketing, framing, drilling, boring, tapping, & threading.


DIGITIZING. Turn your milling machine into a copy machine.
Copy and cut 2D and 3D shapes. Centroid's affordable, effective digitizing is the simplest CNC Digitizing on the market. Just record and play back. Digitizing turns your milling machine into a copy machine. Centroid has overcome the cumbersome problems associated with digitizing on other controls. With a Centroid, it's actually one of the simplest features on the control to use. With our digitizing feature you will be able to copy and reproduce an existing shape with little or no programming! No CAD/CAM necessary, however you can export the digitizing information to a CAD/CAM system for further modification.


Centroid’s Digitizing is seamless with the control the software and is totally integrated into the CNC operating system making CENTROID's CNC digitizing the most user friendly available! With other control systems you'll have to buy software from one company, the probe from yet another company and then an extra PC to connect to the control to run it all. This is an expensive, troublesome way to get the job done. With a Centroid, we have eliminated all the hassles and difficulties of digitizing with a CNC machine! The CENTROID automatically creates the G­codes as it digitizes. See graphics of the part immediately. No data manipulation is necessary to start cutting, and you can export the digitized part to a CAD/CAM system for further modification if necessary.

POWERFUL DIGITIZING FEATURES COMBINED WITH SIMPLE OPERATION. To digitize a shape, you need only to describe the approximate length, width, height, and the resolution that you would like to record at, and press start button. CENTROID's digitizing is completely automatic, no operator attendance is required while digitizing. Mirror, scale, reversal, automatic rough and finish pass generation, high speed processing, and unlimited file size are all included, no extra software to purchase.

DP­4 Touch probe is made in USA with patented technology CENTROID manufactures its own touch probe which is more accurate and more reliable that other competing probes on the market. Designed specifically for Digitizing with a milling machine, this probe is so accurate the only limitation is the resolution of the Milling machine. Manufactured of stainless steel the DP­4's mechanism requires only a feathers touch to trigger. Unlike other probes, the P­4's low trigger force allows the use of small styli for maximum detail. The stylus is interchangeable and large selection of different sizes and types of styli are available. The size of styli depends on the size and shape of the object you are copying.

New for 2011' DP­7 Touch Probe. Breakthrough sensing technology. The DP­7 is a high­ accuracy digital touch probe that both automates CNC job set­up and can copy complex 3D part geometries using a CNC milling machine or machining center. The DP­7 drastically improves digitizing and measuring accuracy by eliminating the sources of error that affect conductive and mechanical switch type touch probes. Using CENTROID’s new sensing technology the DP­7 is neither a conductive or mechanical switch type probe and therefore is not affected by the limitations of those technologies.

DP­7 Advancements

­ Works reliably with difficult to probe surfaces: ceramics, plastics, clean and dirty, raw castings, painted, rusted metal or black with carbon.

­ Breakthrough in sensing technology.

­ Highly accurate long stylus operation.

­ Far greater levels of accuracy than mechanical probes.

­ Extremely repeatable sensing technology.

­ Excellent 3D performance while maintaining very high accuracy.

­ Long life with advanced solid state technology.

­ Reliable robust construction, avoids mechanical mechanism failures.

­ Resistance to shock and vibration.

­ Probe unidirectional (2 sigma) repeatability: .0001” (2.5 um).

­ Uniform triggering in all axes.

­ Seamless CNC control integration, w/digitizing & probing cycles menus.

­ Advanced probing macros for custom automatic probing.

TT­1 CNC AUTO TOOL HEIGHT SET: Automatically sets tool heights for mills. Set up your tools in a quarter of the time it would normally take! If you often machine short­ run parts and are always setting up and tearing down for a new job, the TT­1 Auto tool set will save you tons of time while more accurately setting your tool height offsets. With the TT­1 you can create more parts per hour since the tool setup is so much faster. You'll even save time when you have to replace a dull tool with a new one in the middle of a job. The TT­1 is completely automatic. Press "measure" and the tool will automatically touch off the TT­1 and set the tool height offset in the tool library. See the TT­1 in action on our video CD. The TT­1 plugs into control.

CNC ENGRAVING. Engrave letters, numbers, symbols and DXF import. With our CNC engraving option you can engrave letters, numbers, symbols and logos. This conversational engraving software runs right on the control computer (or on your desktop PC) and makes it very easy for you to quickly create and place part numbers, logos, company names etc..on your parts. Its quicker than a CAD/CAM system to adjust the size and position of the engraving. Graphics show you what the engraving looks like before you cut the part. Also, Imports CAD drawings and fonts with the DXF in feature. Pick which version you would like on the control or on your desktop PC.

COORDINATE SYSTEM ROTATION. CSR matches the machine to your vise. This option is made specifically for the machinist who is constantly breaking down and setting up new fixtures and vises. By simply touching off two points along the edge of your fixture, the control will automatically rotate the machine coordinate system to match your fixture/part saving you time and money. With CSR your vise, fixture or part does not have to be lined up with the machine, CSR eliminates aligning the vise with an indicator. CSR is very accurate. Job set in minutes. Both automatic (with the CENTROID DP­4 Probe) and manual touch off set up can be used.

The WCS option gives you 18 individual part zero positions. Each zero point can be adjusted at any time. The control remembers the positions so there is never a need to reset, even in the event of a power loss. Many uses, this feature allows you to have multiple zero locations in memory. Each vise or fixture can have its own zero point. With WCS you can interrupt a job run, set another vise up on the table with new zero, machine that job and return to the original job all without disturbing your original zero point. This is just one example of a time saving use of WCS. You can call a WCS from within a G code program or use the easy setup menu to switch between any WCS. Use the fill in the blank setup screen to set zero points at any of the 18 WCS location.

Also simple table format allows you to Tweak­in part positions by making adjustments to the WCS at any time. Simply add or subtract the amounts needed to move the WCS, therefore eliminating readjusting the setup saving time.

MPG REMOTE HANDWHEEL. Jog any axis using the handwheel. Remote MPG handwheel allows you to jog an axis one step at a time. Selectable x1, x10, x100 movement per increment. .0001" per increment is the finest increment. Great for touching off and setting up tools and part zero positions on large machines. Tough ABS plastic body with individual selection knobs for each axis and increment amount. 100 pulses per revolution for fine control. Ergonomic design that is easy to hold. Comes with convenient hanger which can be mounted on the control or anywhere it is convenient to store the handwheel when not in use.